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It's embedded in our mission statement at spinningrock, that we want to make theatre as accessible as we can for everyone, regardless of background or circumstance.


Still in our infancy as a company, we are all too aware of our limitations in achieving this goal, but we're making a pledge to put accessibility at the heart of everything do. Here are just some of the ways we plan to do this:


  • Providing captions for all video content across stories, videos etc.

  • Optimising colour and contrast across our images that are posted on our social media and website

  • Making sure we only partner with venues that are accessible and safe spaces for disabled artists, staff and audiences

  • Proactively responding to specific needs of individuals using those spaces

  • Striving to make ticket prices as affordable as possible

  • Inviting audiences to be a part of the development of all projects, and encouraging their feedback and ideas surrounding accessibility


  • We will deliver accessibility training and disability awareness courses to staff and artists. The courses will be run by disabled people who have a career within the arts.

  • Look to partner with disability-led organisations to train artists in audio description, captioning and BSL integration. And to incorporate these into our projects wherever possible.​​

  • Invest in the next generation of creative talent, focusing on individuals from working-class backgrounds 


  • Working with an Access Consultant at all stages of Luna's development 

  • Premiering the musical to be first watched online; giving audiences the "opening night" feel, whilst removing potential barriers of high ticket prices, and concerns around physical accessibility in a theatre

  • This also allowed viewers to have sensory control over their viewing experiences

  • Pre-typing closed captions for the online premiere; striving for accuracy in the first instance, and then looking to make them more engaging for future showings

  • Relaxed performances at The Other Palace and Wales Millennium Centre​​

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas for future projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on social media (@spinningrockprods) or by emailing us at ''

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